Crafting Bold Flavors...

& Memorable Experiences

Crafting Bold Flavors

& Memorable Experiences

Crafting Bold Flavors...

& Memorable Experiences

Crafting Bold Flavors & Memorable Experiences

From small intimate experience for couples, private dining with friends, to large
social events, we are there, boldly curating an experience you’ll always remember.

Paula's Kitchen weekly meal order

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Njoki Kamau, MBA, MIM

Jane – everyone loved the food. We could tell that a lot of hard work and love had gone into cooking that food. The presentation was great. I cannot say enough about how everyone raved about the food. Thank you for helping me with the clean-up – you went far and beyond the call of duty.It was indeed a pleasure to do business with you and look forward to more opportunities to work with you.

Everyone – thanks for all your help

Lisa Wartemberg

The food was delicious and had different flavors which complemented each other. We loved the service because of the variety of cuisines you were adept at and your willingness to deliver to the school. Overall, we enjoyed the food and are looking forward to working with you for other events.

Corson Barnard

Paula’s Kitchen is amazing. I found them on EZCater and working with Chef Jane was so easy and fun! And the spreads she made were absolutely GORGEOUS. We ordered the Lox Bagel Platter for about 60 people and it was a ton of food at a very affordable rate (perfect for my budget!). So so tasty!!! Thanks Jane!

Jesse Larson

Jane, the owner, was in contact in advance and during the delivery, and was perfectly on time. The food was great, perfectly piping hot, and the estimated amount of food was spot on and very reasonably priced. The utensils she provided were sturdy and convenient, and all the food was labeled well in large print, which was very helpful for all the vegans and vegetarians who were present, several of whom complimented the food. We had several savory entrees; next time, I’d like to try a dessert too. In summary, it was a highly professional job and I would recommend Paula’s Kitchen and use them again.

Jamie Jackson

The food was absolutely delicious and loved by all. There was A LOT. More than expected, which I appreciated. The set up was good. I also appreciated the to-go boxes and bags were utilized. I will be sure to use Paula’s Kitchen again and will refer customers as well.