About Paulas Kitchen

To us food is one of the greatest gifts of life, providing not only nourishment but also a medium to share our cultures, build community, bridge gaps and build connection.Food is a reminder that we have more in common than we think. For most of us life’s most memorable moments are often centered around a meal. 

At Paula’s Kitchen, we like to honor this by putting a lot of hard work into our cooking and our service. We are creating more than just a meal. We create connection and lasting memories. 

We use simple quality ingredients, enhanced boldly with a touch of creativity, global influence, and a big dose of love. Our secret ingredient is love. 

Doing things out of love means being committed to excellence, flavors that wow, and the need to go above and beyond your expectations. We don’t do boring, bland, or mediocre, we strive to be remembered. 

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